Monday, July 25, 2011

QR Codes and merging print and digital media

The guys over at Marketing Magazine asked the question whether QR codes will ever take off in Australia and I think they will, in-fact they may have already. Just this week four catalogues in my letterbox had QR codes linking print media to its digital cousin.
  1. Woolworths promoting more recipes online
  2. Mitre 10 promoting DIY videos online
  3. Bunnings, similarly with DIY videos, but also with store locators
  4. Bras 'n Things with a store locator QR code
Without stats I can't say whether this has taken off or whether it's just the marketing department trying out new things. It does make me happy, though, that there seems to be a concerted effort to provide a more connected experience between the brand and the customer.

Finally, a question that I have had bubbling away for a while is, 'have we already surpassed qr codes?'.

Taking a logistical tool and turning it into a marketing key to the digital world was a great idea and it has been one that, overseas at least, has had great commercial success. But with the advent of Google Goggles and augmented reality (AR), where applications can now 'read' real-world objects, have 2D barcodes become obsolescent?

Google Goggles still has a long way to go before it is accurate enough to surpass QR code readers, and with no accepted standards in AR, I think that QR codes will have a healthy life yet in Australia. But we have already seen the future and for marketing at-least I think it is one without 2D barcodes.


bajras said...

Hi Alex, thought you would be interested in this from Korea.

Alex of Melbourne said...

Yeah, how cool is it!? Although I was thinking in peak-hour it might be a little difficult!