Thursday, June 14, 2012

Using parentheses in promotional writing

I work with some guys that you would say come from the old school of advertising. Back in the day, before flashy websites and 3 second TVCs, well written copy was highly valued.

Today we are taught about the ruthlessness of advertising copy, keeping it short, calls to action, active sentences. However, every now and then I enjoy reading promotions that are well written by someone that takes pride in their product descriptions and catalogues.

Of all the things that I think stand out for me is the use of parentheses in promotional writing. The old school is not afraid to use parentheses to provide more context or give a little more meaning. Some might think if it's in parentheses then its superfluous, but to me it can add a little fun.

It may seem silly when you're competing so heavily for the consumers time but just adding a little flourish to your usual pared-back promotional copy might be a nice change (give it a try, I dare you).