Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Social media - the customer's channel.

Storm over Target's 'trampy' fashion sense | theage.com.au

Like the multiple viewer complaints posted on the Channel 9 Facebook page over the past two weeks, this complaint to Target reminds us that Social media is the customer's channel.

As much as Facebook, Twitter et.al might be seen as marketing communication channels, the real ownership is in the hands of the customers.

As such, responsibility for these channels should be business-wide, a cooperation between both Customer Service and Marketing.


Ahh, the Facebook democracy. Here we (and me) are praising the ability of the everyday person to stand up and make their voice count. Good on you, great to get your voice heard! But, for every Common Sense Rises the the Top article we get a loopy non sequitur post like the following pearl of wisdom on the nine news Facebook page:
first of all i would like to say that this comment is in no way offensive to 9 news.

Im 19 years old and feel the need to express my opinions.
When seeing the ads on t.v about the news story coming up with refugees and illegal immigrants getting housed in australia with families etc, i don't need to see the story to know what its about. in fact i am ashamed to see australia for what it is today, WE as a country need to realise that before we put hard earned tax payers money into housing and looking after refugees and those less fortunate from other countries.. WE need to think about our OWN first. Take a trip down to melbourne or sydney or brisbane just to name a few, look at all the homeless on the streets, in freezing winters and rough conditions, why cant we house those people first? why cant we put them in a detention centre with tv's and a nice comfy bed, food and a nice warm shelter. WHY do we just look past this and leave them on the street and give people from other countries an opportunity and somewhere to stay before we do with our OWN? WE as a country need some form of real leadership, to take priority with our own born and bread before we as country will lose what we once called "home".

Please take the time to read this.
 The result? Over 73,000 likes and rising. Gee, top job Australia.