Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mobile email

In November 2010, 70.1 million mobile users (30% of all mobile subscribers) accessed email on their mobile devices, an increase of 36% from the previous year. Daily usage of email showed an even greater increase, growing 40% as 43.5 million users turned to their mobile devices for email.
These figures (US data) quoted in a Marketing Charts article show that while social networking (poor Google Wave, not you) may eventually lead to the obsolescence of email, for the time being email is morphing as its users engage with it differently.

The concurrent rise of smart phones and mobile workforces has seen email morph into not only desktop media, but also mobile media. And publishers are realising this too. While I've only seen a small number of examples, I think there is a growing trend to provide email newlsletter subscribers with mobile friendly email formatting.

Just like those that have locked down work email clients that need to 'view on the web', the option to 'view on your mobile' is creeping into a number of email headers. Here are two examples:

Have you thought about creating a mobile friendly version of your marketing emails?