Sunday, January 12, 2014

Embracing Internet Radio and a world of music

An article in today's Age focused on the pressure Australian bands have to supposedly conform to a sound that the national youth broadcaster, Triple J, will appreciate. With precious little airtime for unsigned bands on commercial radio, Triple J is seen as the only real avenue for bands to be found.

But as a former dedicated Triple J listener (it's still my no.1 Australian music station) my tastes have broadened and nowadays Triple J has less airtime in my house. One of the reasons is the radio you see above.

This is my first Internet radio and it has opened up my house to literally a world of music radio stations. Here is my current list of world radio stations:

  1. BBC Radio 4
  2. BBC Radio 1
  3. BBC World Service
  4. NPR
  5. WWOZ 90.7fm
  6. Calm Radio - Big Band
  7. El Vacilon Musical Radio
  8. Radio Campesina Cubana
I now have news from the UK and USA, jazz from New Orleans, Big Band from Canada and amazing sounds from the Caribbean and Cuba.

Triple J will always be my number one station for Great Australian music, but with the world being such an interconnected place, Australian bands should embrace the fact that Triple J is just one channel in the world of music.

Embrace as many digital channels as possible because there will be people like me on the other side of the world doing the same as me and discovering a world of music via the Internet.