Sunday, September 9, 2012

Advertising and sponsorship, the Olympics and Paralympics

These past two weeks I have been totally wrapped up in the Paralympics. A lot has to do with how well Australia is doing, but I have also enjoyed the ABC's commentary and programming.

The mix of expert comments and entertainment, especially the nightly panel was totally engaging - a real lesson in how to engage an audience.

But probably the biggest difference I noticed between the Olympics and Paralympics was the difference in advertising and sponsorship. Unlike the Olympics, in the Paralympics sponsors are able to advertise within venues, thus getting their branding within the sports broadcast.

In the Olympics this is banned, thus sponsors rely on commercial tv advertising. And this was probably the thing that most turned me off channel nine's Olympics broadcast. The continuous ad breaks required to payback the broadcast rights made the already lackluster programming lineup even worse.

It leads me to ask, could there be a different sponsorship model for the Olympics where sponsors pay more for in-venue advertising (a reality of all modern sports) in exchange for non-commercial, or at least limited commercial  broadcasts?

I imagine that is one dream too large.

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