Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Video production for online continues to grow

The bear rouses, from his slumber... yes, it's been a while between posts, but hopefully you can excuse me!

I've read a number of articles this week that have driven me to post again, and surprise, surprise, its another post about online video production (I just can't get enough of it!).

Here's whats got me all excited...

MangnaGlobal, media strategists and forecasters have predicted that online advertising will overtake newspapers as the second largest advertising medium by 2013.

ComScore, have released the latest online video consumption figures with stating, "In Australia, 10.3 million unique viewers consumed online video content during the month, averaging nearly 8 hours per viewer."

And finally, here's another example of big brands taking to the Internet with custom videos designed for the online world... Kevin Bacon for logitech and Google.

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